Customers Satisfied

Here are some nice statements customer service representatives can use,

Customers Satisfied

which are helpful in diffusing potentially explosive customer service situations or issues.

  • "It is always a welcomed approach, and nice of customers who take the time to give us their feedback. I'll surely pass your feedback and what you've said onto our management team."
  • "We appreciate your effort for letting us know about the bad service you have received. What can I do to help amend the situation?"
  • "We are sorry to hear about the bad experience you had. I will try my best to help."
  • "What you're going through is totally understandable, and if that happened to me too I'd be really unhappy too, and I can imagine how frustrating it is."
  • "What has happened to you is not acceptable and not in the company's policy. Let me contact a supervisor to see if there is any extra way we can assist."
  • "Same thing happened to me recently, and I know why you are angry. It is a terrible inconvenience. Let me try and help you rectify the issue the best way I can."
  • "It is not acceptable to see our customers unhappy and inconvenienced. We always try our best to keep a positive customer experience, yours won't be different."

Grammarly Reviews 2019: Details, Pricing, & Features

English is not everyone’s cup of tea. It has weird grammar rules. Do you have such a mindset? Then, this guide is perfectly crafted for you.

I am reviewing a special grammar tool here, which is Grammarly. This blog is specially made for Grammarly. Check out other posts to have an idea. Grammarly occasionally provides discounts. So, you may also get a Grammarly discount. This Grammarly review touches every aspect of the tool. If you want to have more insights, do check out other articles on this site. Grammarly is a dedicated grammar checker and proofreading tool. It’s basically a chrome extension. You can also download Grammarly free trial plugin for MS- Word. Grammarly Review and Grammarly Discount Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing. Now, it’s time to review this super cool tool. If you are already familiar with this awesome checker, click here to download it. At first, I am sharing some of the incredible features. Let me begin.

#1. Cheap Price

Not every free thing is good. Similarly not every expensive stuff is good. So, you may think, is a cheap thing good? No, it’s not. When it comes to Grammarly, it’s the best. I have used many paid Grammar checkers. But, never found anything that could beat Grammarly till date. Grammarly discount is live now. You can get this amazing tool for a discounted price. Don’t just read and wait. Instead, click here and buy. Offer is not for a lifetime. As you can see in the image, it just costs you around $140 per year. I am a freelance writer myself. Grammarly helped me lot in rectifying my mistakes and make more revenue. Guess what?? I never made similar mistakes twice. Once I figured out a mistake using Grammarly, I studded it in my mind, so that I can write a glitch-free content even without internet. You will never get such a brilliant tool in this price range. If you don’t want an annual subscription, go for a monthly or quarterly subscription.

#2. The Ease of Access

See the image given above. That is my Grammarly dashboard. As you can see, it is not flooded with tons of buttons and links. You get only what you want. There are five links in the right sidebar. My Grammarly, Profile, Subscription, Apps, Log Out and Support. The first option (My Grammarly) is your checking dashboard. There, you can start checking the writing by clicking on New button (you can see it clearly in the image). Or else, just upload a document and continue with the correction. The second option (Profile) brings you to changing the password seeing the account details. The subscription option is divided into three tabs. Summary, Manage Subscription, and Edit billing information. You can see the subscription details on the first tab. The second tab is dedicated to change the subscription type (switch between monthly, yearly and quarterly options). And, the third one allows you to change the billing details. In Apps section, you can find three apps to download. Chrome Extension, Office Plugin and Windows Program. Use the fifth option to log out from your account. Last option (Support) comes to your rescue whenever you face a problem with Grammarly.

#3. Different Checking Options

You get two different options on Grammarly to check your writing. First one is copying your entire content and pasting it on the dashboard (after clicking the new button). Check the above image once again to have an idea about the dashboard. With free Grammarly account, you can only get access to correct basic mistakes. But, paid account notifies you if any word gets repeated more often. Another option is uploading your document directly. Grammarly will automatically detect the text and show it on the checking screen. Then, you can correct the mistakes. After all, the document can be downloaded soon. Suppose you want to check a file (xyz.docx). The downloaded file will be XYZ.edited.docx. And, Grammarly will include some comments inside the document.

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Customers sometimes can bring their all sorts of grievances and expect that all be met, so as customer service representative if you give them half baked service in return, they will not be happy, therefore it is pertinent that customers feel satisfied and have that genuine empathy after speaking to a customer service representative.
Though it is said that customers are always right, but sometimes they are in fact wrong based on their short comings. So whenever customers have contact with you in rage, your job is not to blame them for what has happened, but rather find a way to calm the situation, because such situation will surely arise.

Most importantly customer service representatives need to cultivate good character on how to relate with customers, because different customers with different perspectives will surely come along the way, it then depends on how you were able handle the situations; not giving back aggression for aggression or negative words for negative words. Customer service representatives need to be trained on emotional stability, patience, having conscience, and amelioration of situations. Most times customers will stop their rage when constantly been replied with tones that will sooth their minds.


Though abuses may follow every conversation, but the ability to overlook those abuses, having conscience, and trying to understand why a customer feels unhappy and wronged will make you turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied and happy customer.

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Mr. Carl Ford

Mr. James Rick

Mr. Francis

Reasons Why The American Descents Were Easily Conquered By The Invaders From Europe

Ever wonder why the American descents were easily conquered by the invaders from Europe.
The major reasons the American descents were easily conquered by the invaders from Europe include the following:
1.  No Technical Abilities
The people lack the technical know-how and have inadequate equipment to contain the European invaders, which drastically reduced their capability as a result of lack of food, forceful hard work, outbreak of different kind s of illness and conflicts.
2.  Differences in Socio-cultural Beliefs
Another thing is that the people were not used to the economical, military and political ways of life among the European invaders. Also the lack of coherence among Native American peoples also bar their conquering prowess, as they were unable to agree among themselves and are always on the competiveness over land and food; just as the case of the Aztecs who amassed plenty of foes particularly among its clan. The disagreement led to fight over territorial rights, accrual of affluence and the act of taking human captives for ritual. Unlike the Aztecs’ lack of disunity, some of the invaders from Europe were united, so this played a major role in the conquest by European adventurers.

The Native American peoples have the ability to use metals yet they did not have those who could smelt the iron, which hinder them of enough ammunition to fight European invaders.

They most times see the white people as mean and not willing to part ways with the valuables they brought with them, and this is what the American descents had not experienced beforehand.

***Lack of Immunity from Diseases

When the European invaders arrived several problems set in, majorly the European diseases which affected the Native American peoples who were about 7 million before the advent of the Europeans. The American descents were not immune to the illness the Europeans brought with them rendered the American descents weak, and small pox which was the major disease.

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